Jul 19

FX Photo Studio is getting a major upgrade. In addition to new effects, new look, integration with Instagram and other innovations, version 4.0 introduces “Masking Studio” – a tool, which allows users apply each of 194 effects to any part of the image. All this practically turns FX Photo Studio 4.0 into one and only app most users will need for high quality image processing on iPhone and iPod touch.

Effects and Filters:
FX Photo Studio 4.0 now features 194 effects and filters, divided into 20 categories. New filters include cross processing effects, developed in cooperation with pro photographers, new vintage effect and unique 3-D effect, which makes pictures look like fragments from 3-D movies, when you take the glasses off.

Masking Studio:
Masking is probably the most anticipated feature of FX Photo Studio 4.0. This tool allows users pick an area of the image to which they want to apply filter. Masking studio lets users choose a brush type and supports maximum iPhone 4 image resolution. With close to 200 FX and filters, which can be customized and mixed, masking tool grants iOS photo enthusiasts with almost unlimited creative possibilities.

New import and export features:
FX Photo Studio now lets photo pros and amateurs import images directly from their facebook accounts. Classic importing options – camera roll, computer (via documents folder and iTunes), built-in camera – are also available. New sharing options include built-in printing and integration with Instagram – the world its most popular mobile image sharing network. Further updates will add even more sharing tools, as well as possibility for users to order prints from inside the app, which will be delivered right to their door anywhere in the world.

Other notable features of FX Photo Studio 4.0:
* New look
* Major performance improvements (for some effects 2X faster processing)
* Upgraded in-app camera
* Improved editing tools: gamma, saturation, hues, etc
* Centering for Tilt Shift and Radial Blur effects
* Square crop option

You can downlaod FX Photo Studio in the App Store for $1,99.

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