Jul 13

The Move, is a new kickstarter project that enables you to wear your iPhone/iPod Touch on your cloths anywhere you want. “Our product is called The Move, it is a holder for the iPhone 4/iPod touch that enables you to attach your device anywhere on your clothing. The really cool thing is that there are NO straps/clips/velcro/magnets required, only the screen of your iPhone 4/iPod touch will be visible.¬†Even if you have no pockets, you can keep in touch on the go.”

How To:

1) Place The Move behind your shirt or article of clothing that you are going to ‘wear’ The Move with.

2) Position The Move where you want your iPhone4/iPod Touch screen to appear.

3) Place your iPhone4/iPod Touch in front of your shirt or article of clothing.

4) Secure your iPhone4/iPod Touch by snapping it into The Move (as shown in the pic below):

Read more at kickstarter.

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