Jul 07

It is a simple, honest goal in life. Start a family, watch it grow. Get a bigger house, watch the family grow more. But add in puzzles, games, crazy relatives and their wacky costumes, bright colors and vivid graphics and you turn that everyday dream into a fun, handheld everyday game! Mobile games developer Com2uS popular Korean title, Puzzle Family, has been set loose on the iTunes App Store today!

Meet Akoo, the main character of Puzzle Family, whose relatives all work hard in 8 unlockable mini-games to move up to bigger houses with in-game achievements. 20 upgradeable costumes add power-ups to help you master such bite-sized puzzles as the rapid-fire memory game Copy Copycat, or the block-busting Flick and Fly!

Cute on the outside but a challenge on the inside, Puzzle Family comes in two flavors: free and Star Pack! Puzzle Family Star Pack, at $1.99, includes enough stars to unlock 5 mini-games, and even some left over to play dress up with Akoo and his family! Get a leg up on your friends and your own family with the Star Pack, or try out Puzzle Family, the craziest mini-game collection on the iTunes App Store today!

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