Jun 19

Tuaw has writen down some facts that may proof that the next generation iPhone will be cheaper than the current iPod Touch 4. Does this mean that the iPod Touch will be removed from the market? Personally i dont think so, but check the facts after the break and take your own conclusion.

  1. According to iSuppli, “The components that make up the 16 GB iPhone 4 cost just under $188.” That of course should be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. Production of the iPhone 5 allegedly begins in July, with a launch in September — traditionally the time Apple unveils new iPod hardware.
  3. iOS 5 will debut in the fall, and major iOS releases tend to come alongside new iPhone hardware.
  4. Thus far, there is no mention of new iPod touch hardware in the iOS 5 betas.
  5. The next-gen iPhone has reached final testing stage, destined for a September launch. With the exception of an A5 processor and possibly a universal GSM/CDMA design for its 3G hardware, it is expected to be substantially similar to the iPhone 4.
  6. Unlocked iPhones are finally available in the US.
  7. Recently unearthed evidence in the iOS 5 beta suggests the iPhone 5 will use the same 5 megapixel camera as the current iPhone 4 rather than the 8 megapixel camera suggested by rumors earlier this year, suggesting Apple is focused on cutting production costs.
  8. This year, Apple’s Back-to-School promotion will offer a $100 iTunes gift card instead of a free iPod touch as in previous years.

Taken together, this does seem to paint a pretty stark picture for the iPod touch’s future.

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