May 17

Create a new composition of your photos, which will be unique in its concept and beauty!!! Make them more conceptual and emotional changing the photos’ colors and tone by simple touches of your fingers! Make any picture, you want to take, esthetically perfect! Create a real piece of art from any photo! Add an emotional background to your photos! The Color Burst application offers you to correct your photos composition changing the photo contrast layout. You have a possibility to pick out separate parts of a photo and change their colors with the Color Burst. You can also change the background of a photo and the parts of the photo, which should remain of other color according to your idea, will not be affected!

Color Burst. It’s simple! It’s interesting!

To give your photos a specific touch, take a picture with the application camera and put it to the edit panel. Then make the fragment of picture you want to modify bigger or smaller. To outline this fragment activate the function of gray background, now you can clearly see the process of color changing!

In order to check the quality of sketches use the function for determining the parts on the picture modified and then you can see the full layout of elements, which have changed their color, and those elements, which have changed their background.

It’s so simple!

You will like working in Color Burst as the pictures you make are easy to store on every memory source and are easy to send from your iPhone to any social network!

Do not save on the effects! The Color Burst is a photo lab in hands of a real amateur photographer!

You can download Color Burst for $0,99 in the App Store.

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