May 11

Jean-Eudes Lepelletier is happy to announce the release and immediate availability of iVocAudio app for the iPhone and iPod touch, a useful tool that allows users to create audio quizzes or tests for memorizing any data that works by simply recording questions and answers using an iPhone microphone. iVocAudio makes it easy and fun to learn foreign languages, but basically users  can load up this app with any content. They can create a learning environment completely customized to whatever they want to memorize using their own voice:  lists of words, sentences, scientific data or formulas, dates, birthdays or to-do lists.

Thanks to easy-to-use interface iVocAudio is appropriate for people of all ages, from kids to adults. There is no special equipment required and users do not even have to watch the screen as they review and learn. All of the memorizing is done using only the user’s iDevice and a finger.  Responses are done by sliding a button in one direction if they know the correct answer or the other way if they don’t. Moreover, iVocAudio will test users in order to check how well they remember the material. The test score, which is indicated by a star rating, changes at the end of each session to show the user’s current level of knowledge for the selected project.

The app features a very detailed help section with practical instructions and several tutorial videos.  It also provides an opportunity to download existing iVocAudio folders, import and export them in order to share via iTunes or e-mails.

“Initially I developed iVocAudio for myself because I had to learn a huge amount of vocabulary in a short time after moving to a foreign country and couldn’t find any appropriate tool. I released the app on the AppStore in case other people might find it useful. I started getting lots of e-mails from users with the request to get more updates and decided to develop new features in it” – said Jean-Eudes Lepelletier, the developer of the application.

You can download iVocAudio in the App Store for $0,99.

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