May 11

Today Apalon is announcing the availability of an updated version of Calculator Pro for iPad. The new version includes an additional Poker skin and a new way of browsing through available skins that were previously purchased by users. Furthermore, known issues have been fixed to provide every iPad user with a smoother experience. Calculator Pro for iPad quickly became popular on the App Store due to its simple concept and powerful functionality. It enabled users to do all the calculations, from basic to complex right on the iPad which was not properly made before.

With Calculator Pro for iPad users can do the following:

* Portrait and Landscape modes are available for basic and advanced calculations respectively
* Degrees and Radians calculations and memory buttons
* Adjustable themes to quickly change the look of the calculator

With a rich functionality and various themes, users can both enjoy the power of a modern calculator and change its look every day.

“Since the initial release we’ve been carefully listening to our users to be able to quickly add or enhance certain features. We managed to drastically improve its functionality and include additional skin packs that give a calculator a fresh new look.” said Peter Melnikov, VP of Apalon.

You can download Calculator Pro fir the iPad in the App Store for $1,99.

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