May 09

Chinese American Carol Chow is running the most fashionable custom made dessert shop ‘CCSweets’ in downtown Beijing. Except for selling cup cakes in her shop, Chow spends most of her time dealing with customized orders, ranging from iPhones to cartoon figures and handbags. iPhone cookies and iPad cakes are the most popular among the customers and the price tag of an iPhone biscuit starts from 228 yuan, or 35 U.S. dollars a piece. Thats a crazy high price for just a cookie but quess what, they are really popular at the moment. The cookies can be customized by adding different messages.

The designer iPad cakes are sold from 30 to over 465 U.S. dollars, which is far above the average price of ordinary desserts in Beijing.

“I think the market here needs to be fostered. People are interested in the new stuff but they don’t fully understand it. Some other shops have gradually started the similar business, but most of them are copying mine. There are so many copies here and the copying industry is developing very quickly in China, more quickly than any other countries.”

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