May 08

Inspired by the Grand Touring models, the Italy Collection picks up the elegant design of Ferrari car interiors in the workmanship and quality of the leather, in the colours of the threads chosen, the stitching style, the play on padding, the matelassé. Genuine black leather iPhone 4 case with four matching back stitches. The elegant black openwork leather has a metal addition, a reproduction of the famous Ferrari Prancing Horse. Dim. 7.8 x 13cm.

You can purchase the iPhone version of the Ferrari Case for just € 24,92 and the iPad Case for € 65,83.


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One Response to “Ferrari Released Leather iPhone 4 & iPad Cases”

  1. X_jar Says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy the ones shown on the pictures?
    Because the official online ferrari shop doesn’t sell them (any more).

    I think they’re pretty cool!

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