Apr 28

Crescent Moon Games’ latest title, Gears, is now available on the iTunes App Store! Following a history of successful, beautiful 3D games, Gears is a colorful, engaging and fun ball roller that will have players tilting or swiping to perfect every level. To save the last bastion of human existence, the City, players must collect as many gears as possible with the Energy Collection Sphere to repair the downed Power Center. With three worlds and over 27 levels, Gears’ gorgeous world comes alive beneath your fingertips. Challenging to complete but easy to learn, Gears offers diverse action puzzles from the steam-punk Brass Menagerie to the bouncing, flinging, fast-paced rolling arcade-style moves of the Rivers of Magma.

Gears features two ways to play: utilize either the tilt control or the finger swipe technique to ensure that everyone can enjoy its exhilaration and excitement. Featuring Game Center leader boards, touch control customization and iPad 2 enhanced graphics, it will soon become your new favorite casual game. With more levels planned for release soon, Crescent Moon Games is proud to welcome players into the world of Gears!

You can download Gears in the App Store for $0,99.

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