Apr 25

Riccardo Pietrucci is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of the updated version of AllSync for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Allsync will be especially appreciated by everyone who wants to stay in a loop with the latest updates from their friends’ profiles and keep all their contact information within easy reach. After Facebook success many social networks appeared to get people together and let them communicate with each other. The most common question now is how to synchronize all contacts from multiple social networks and keep them handy. AllSync is a useful communication and social tool that offers fast and simple synchronization with nine the most popular social channels and keeps this information within easy reach. The update features new and uncluttered design, polished and easy to use interface and more social channels to sync with.

AllSync enables to sync and import the most useful information from users’ friends’ profiles as names, emails, birthdays etc. providing with a possibility to stay up-to-date with latest updates. The app is very user friendly. It automatically matches iPhone contacts with the friend list of the chosen social channel allowing users to decide what to sync, what to overwrite for a single or for all contacts. Furthermore AllSync provides with the detailed report about the information that was synced from user’s profile.

“I have always wanted to have an app that collects and synchronizes information from different social networks on my iPhone. Finally I managed to bring all of this information in a unified, simple to use application with a clean user interface and nine social networks to sync with. I’m sure everyone will find AllSync useful and enjoy it” – said Riccardo Pietrucci, the individual developer of AllSync.

You can download AllSync for $2,99 in the App Store here.

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