Apr 22

Third Blade
Following a long line of successful RPG-style mobile scrollers from Korea’s number one mobile games company, Com2uS’ Third Blade is poised to be the next action hit for the company. Available today on the iTunes App Store, Third Blade offers adrenaline-fueled action arcade fun with Com2uS’ patent polish and depth. Wading through a gorgeous but mysterious forest, you start to grow uneasy. As you and your companion go deeper into the woods, you are overwhelmed by an onslaught of monsters, who get progressively more vicious and complicated. But you’ve got tricks of your own up your sleeve: three weapon styles including dual wielding, one-handed blade, and an enormous ‘buster’ sword!
In the shop, upgrade your skills and weapons in three tiers to go from vengeful warrior to unstoppable hero. Master combos and play in both Normal Mode and Arcade Mode, which feature Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties. Smooth action, gorgeous graphics and weapons, and tons of various enemies over 28 different battlefields mean endless arcade-style battle in the palm of your hand.

You can download Third Blade in the App Store for $2,99.

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