Apr 05

A new type of puzzle game with cute and adorable birds. A simpler and direct touch action which is easier, speedier and entertaining than any prior games on the market. Move it, line it up, and blow it up! Birzzle’s gameplay is simple, however, the variety of items, speedy game progress, and the cute animated birds will attract you into the game and will not allow you to lose interest.

Any birds that are not blocked may freely be moved to locations.
When 3birds of the same kind is aligned, you can blow em up. When 4 or more birds are aligned, a stronger power bird is created.

* Simple, addictive gameplay
* Easy, flexible, optimized touch control method
* New type of puzzle gameplay
* Game Center supported
* Global leaderboard accessible within game.
* Retina display supported
* Cute background music

You can download Birzzle in the App Store for $0,99.

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