Mar 30

What if you can Wireless Mirror your iPad 2 to your TV? Well the guys in the video above were tasked with coming up with ideas for making a client’s iPad 2 Keynote presentations go a little smoother than using a VGA adapter and 15 foot cable. This is what we came up with using (mostly) off the shelf parts.

Basically, we were tasked with the coming up with ideas that could help a client with their presentations. Sometimes they run Keynote Presentations on a Mac, and sometimes they run Keynote Presentations on an iPad using a VGA adapter. While I liked how mobile you could get doing it off an iPad, you’re still literally tethered by the cable running to the the A/V equipment. I knew there had to be some sort of solution, but sadly there wasn’t, at least not all in one place. So I started looking at combining different solutions, and luckily, not many were needed. The core components are the wireless HDMI transmitter, and a USB battery pack

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