Mar 29

A highly innovative, exciting and addictive puzzle game from a leading digital agency. Combining outstanding physics, intriguingly tricky levels, and awesome HD graphics, Drop The Chicken is one of the most fun-filled games on the App Store.

In each level you need to plan your journey to the nest collecting the bugs along the way. Use a variety of special tools in your effort to bounce, slide and float yourself around the levels.

Use balloons and fans to float into tricky corners, catapult your chicken across the screen to get to those hard to reach bugs, use conveyors, mouse holes, elastic bands and springs in your effort to get every bug! Think before you drop and be sure to avoid the bombs, saws and other obstacles. Every level is different and getting our hero to his nest won’t be easy!

Some levels are easy, some are deviously tricky; you’re going to have to use your head to get all the bugs. Finish all the levels in a world to open the bonus levels where our hero has the chance to have a feeding frenzy and gain some valuable points.

Finish the first 4 stages, The Chicken Coop, The Farm House, The Old Barn and The Windmill and receive a free ‘Certificate of Achievement’ with your name and score. Take the unique code given at the end of the game to to print your certificate.

With each new stage comes new and even more challenging puzzles.

Key Features Include:

✔ Stacks of awesome levels and bonus levels and hidden easter eggs
✔ Heaps more levels in production and regular updates
✔ Easy to learn as you go and intuitive to play
✔ Great for all ages
✔ Unique free ‘Certificate of Achievement’
✔ Gorgeous HD graphics & character animation
✔ Orchestral music and professional sound FX
✔ Very addictive mind building, brain training game play
✔ Full community on Facebook and Twitter
✔ iPhone, 2nd Gen iPod & iPad cross compatible
✔ Developed to take full advantage of iPad 2’s new graphics capabilities.
✔ Battery performance controls

Download Drop The Chicken in the App Store for $0,99.

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