Mar 10

NAMCO BANDAI Games America
is bringing Bird Zapper!, a completely new IP, to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  In this simple but addicting game, players help Skippy the Squirrel seek revenge on birds that have electrified his music player.   With pesky birds hijacking the power lines, swipe the same-colored birds in any direction when they’re lined up to electrocute them.

Players can choose one of three game modes, including:
Survival – Swipe as fast as you can before the power meter gets too low
Blitz – Obtain the highest score in 60 seconds
Zen – No score or time limits, just keep playing

In addition to the different game modes, Bird Zapper! provides special attacks, which allows the player to freeze, target and bomb the birds away from the power lines.  Enabled with Game Center, this twist on Match-3 creates a fast and fun experience for all ages.  Bird Zapper! will be available as a universal App on iPhone and iPad for $0.99.  Shortly after the iOS version, the Android version will launch for $0.99.

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