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Gameview Studios Inc. (, a leading publisher of mobile social games and a division of DeNA, is celebrating the one year anniversary and success of its flagship game, Tap Fish. The Tap Fish franchise recently surpassed 10 million downloads in the iTunes App Store, making it the most popular aquarium-based game on the iOS platform. Due to sales of virtual goods inside the game, Tap Fish was among the top grossing free-to-play mobile games
of 2010.

“We are thrilled with the success and longevity of the whole Tap Fish franchise,” said Riz Virk, co-founder of Gameview Studios. “Our goal has always been to build really high quality sticky social games. One reason for the success of Tap Fish is that people think of these fish as their pets, enjoy caring for their fish, watching them grow, and showing them off to their friends.”

The full line of Gameview titles now includes:

Tap Jurassic – Build your very own Jurassic park with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, then breed those animals together to see what new species you can create.
Tap Ranch – Grow your own crops, raise livestock and other animals, and invest in “makers” to produce your own cheese, wine and fruit pies.
Tap Town – Create your own town by building ice cream shops, cinemas, chocolatiers, tree houses, 5 star hotels, mansions and more—just keep your town happy to attract new residents.
Tap Mall – Become a mall tycoon by building and operating your own successful, profitable mall, which can be outfitted any way you like to fit your personal style and attract more shoppers.
Tap Birds – Own and decorate your own aviaries, where you can grow, sell and breed Toucans, Amazon Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets and other birds—but don’t forget to clean up after them!
Titans vs Olympians – Collect cards featuring Zeus, Prometheus, Atlas and other gods, goddesses and legendary warriors, then challenge other players worldwide in battles for supremacy.

Gameview plans to release Tap Fish and its other titles on the Android platform in 2011. The Android platform was the fastest growing mobile operating system in the U.S. last year, growing from 5.2 percent to 28.7 percent market share according to comScore. With 350,000 new Android-enabled devices being activated every day, Gameview will be able to bring its first-rate gaming experiences to a rapidly expanding audience.

All Tap Fish games are immediately available free of charge for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices from the App Store.

You can download Tap Fish for free in the App Store here.

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