Feb 13

Last Stand Stan is a space action game where the player takes the role of Stan (STatic Alien Neutraliser) to defend the last Po’Trubian world from the evil Sleevils. To aid the defense Stan will have many powerful weapons to use against the 9 different Sleevil types and 4 Bosses.

  • In a galaxy far, far away the Po’Trubians had existed in peace and tranquility, living in harmony across their many worlds…that was until the arrival of the Sleevils.
  • From deep space, the Sleevils arrived in a dark storm… an evil race of mechanical droids, whose only intent to destroy the PoTrubian worlds one at a time to then devour the rubble and debris and then multiply…
  • For many years the Po’Trubian worlds had been defended by “Static Alien Neutralisers” or “STANs”, heavily armoured, low orbit multi weapon platforms able to act alone protecting their creators living in peace on the worlds below.
  • The first wave of the sleevil attack overwhelmed the Po’Trubian defences destroying most STANs, converting a few. The tide of destruction consumed all but one Single Po’Trubian world where the final battle is about to be waged. The last hope of the Po’Trubians now rests upon an aged and battered, retired defender “Last Stand Stan”…


You can download Last Stand Stan in the App Store for just $0,99.

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