Jan 04

2010 was an interesting year if you talk about iPod and iPhone Accessories. We made a small list of accessories/gadgets you may want to check again. Some of the items in this list you probably have seen before, such as the much spoken AR.Drone or the WOWKeys keyboard. After the break you can find a list of 10 gadgets you may have missed last year. You dont have an iDevice to test these gadgets on? Check out Tesco for the best price offers.

WOWKeys: iPhone Dock Integrated In Your Keyboard

i3DG: Turns Your iDevice Into A 3D Display

iGlowPhone, Make Your iPhone Glow

Add A Metal Back To Your iPhone 4

Apple Peel 520: Ready For Pre-Order

Jorno Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Double The Battery Life Of Your iPhone 4 With The Mili PowerSpring 4!

Parrot A.R.Drone Available For Pre-Order

1mm Thin iPhone 4 Nude Case

Square’s $1 iPhone Credit Card Reader

If you are still looking for an iDevice instead of these gadgets, from iPod Shuffle to iPod Touch 4th generation, Tesco has it all. Tesco is a online store that sells all kind of different technical gadgets, this even includes iPod Touch accessories.

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