Dec 11

WeBe++ is a $5 application that you can download from the Cydia Store via the BigBoss repo. It transforms your iDevice into a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with all functions and is compatible with any Bluetooth capable device, including Windows & Mac OS X & PS3. It has been tested to work on iPod 2G and 3G, and all iPhones/iPads running iOS 3.0 and up.


  • Windows & Mac OS X & PS3 (or any Bluetooth capable device).
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, USB.
  • Touchpad (full screen, portrait & landscape mode).
  • Keyboard (portrait & landscape mode).
  • Move mouse pointer.
  • Left click, right click, double-click, horizonal / vertical scrolling.
  • Choose a background image or color as mousepad – especially on Retina Display!
  • Adjust mouse speed.
  • Use WeBe++ in Bluetooth HID mode (recommended) or with the WeBe Server (WiFi (adhoc or router), Apple Bluetooth tethering, or USB).
  • Supports multiple-screen configuration of host computer.
  • Keyboard supports eleven keyboard layouts: Dvorak, US English, French, German, Swiss German, Swiss French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, and Swedish.

Source [FSM]

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