Dec 05

Ok, I have to admit that it looks a little awkward but, that doesn’t mean its useless. This weird looking device will charge your iPhone using the power of the wind. Its not a fast charger because the creator of the iFan said “By using a modified computer fan it took me 6 hours to charge my phone, rather long I think… but it works.”

“I can shave off many charging hours by redesigning the fan blades, making it
more efficient in catching the wind while sun bathing at the beach, doing walking trips
in the mountains or just holding it outside your car window while driving along…
i’ll keep you posted.”


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2 Responses to “iFan: Charge Your iPhone Using Wind Power”

  1. Deep Says:

    Dude, get a car charger.
    “…just holding it outside your car window while driving along…”

  2. Bertoni Says:

    Yes because you dont use the power socket in the car, we All go’ hiking everyday and Best of All: Who leaves their iPhone ón the Beach with big fans, why not make a sign: STEAL ME!

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