Dec 04

iSHSHit is a new application for jailbroken iPhone users that allows you to backup device firmware SHSH blobs from Apple directly on your device for later downgrading. It automatically uses the Cydia On File service in the background, so it’s a great way to ensure that your SHSH is stored by Cydia. iSHSHit can also email your SHSH blobs to you for more permanent storage. You can download iSHSHit for free in the Cydia Store via the BigBoss repo.

Source [FSM]

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One Response to “Backup Your Firmware SHSH Blobs Using iSHSHit [jailbreak]”

  1. jazz Says:

    So can you use this to back up old SHSH Blobs like for 4.0.1 ? Or are they truthly lost forever.

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