Nov 25

Trtl Bot
created a Multifunctional iPhone 4 Case that can also be used as a stand or wallet. There are two models to choose from, one will can be used as a hands free multimedia optimizer “iPhone stand” and one can be used as a wallet that can hold your creditcard.

The Trtl Stand 4 performs exactly how it sounds, letting you prop your iPhone up in three different ways. The different modes (Portrait, Landscape and Tripod) let you use your iPhone hands-free whether you are using Facetime, watching a movie or want to snap a steady photo.

The super slim Minimalist 4 is designed for those who hate having a bulky back pocket or carry a small bag. The hard plastic case provides not only sufficient protection from falls, but the slit on the back provides enough space to stick in an I.D., credit card and metro card.


Made stateside from recycled bottles, both eco-friendly cases sell online from Trtl Bot for $35.

Source [coolhunting via FSM]

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  1. Jimmy King Says:

    This case is awesome! You can get 15% off if you use coupon code: TRTLCREW002

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