Nov 16

Apple continues promoting the new iPhone 4, Apple’s latest iPhone 4 commercial focuses on battery life. Ofcourse they also make a point of saying iPhone 4 is “the world’s thinnest smartphone”. In the beginning Apple was promoting the iPhone with the slogan “there is an app for that”, but since the competition is catching up on apps Apple decided to invest heavily in battery technology. You can check the commercial after the break.

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2 Responses to “Apple iPhone 4 Battery Commercial [video]”

  1. Chris Wade Says:

    The battery is not that incredible on the phone… should last at least 48 hours with some use without needing to be charged.

  2. Brandon C Says:

    The battery life on the iPhone 4 is a hell of a lot more efficient than any other of the smartphones presently.

    HTC EVO battery doesn’t last for crap because of it’s large screen and processor.

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