Oct 18

iPhone 4 Metal Back
The iPhone 4 has a glass back, which looks pretty cool, but some people still prefer the metal back just like the first iPhone. Well cnn.cn “which is an OEM cellphone parts company from Hong Kong” is selling a nice silver/black high-tech looking metal back for your iPhone 4, which you can purchase for just $12,99.

After you mounted the new back to the iPhone it feels more smooth thanks to the slight bevel round corners. If you would like to add this back to your iPhone 4, remember that it will remove the Apple warranty. But if the backside of your iPhone is broken, this can be a cheap good looking replacement.

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2 Responses to “Add A Metal Back To Your iPhone 4”

  1. Eugene Says:

    Will it void warranty if u return it to normal then bring it in?

  2. Chris Eissens Says:

    If they see you opened the device before you void the warranty aswell.

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