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You know you have been there. You are standing in line at the grocery store listening to iPod on your iPhone and inexplicably Marvin Gaye’s ‘Lets get it on’ pops up next on the shuffle. You think to yourself, “Oh snap, I just found my honey’s new ringtone!” Here are your options. Go through the laborious process of creating the ringtone when you get home. The problem is you will most likely forget that brilliant idea by the time you get there. Option 2 is purchase the ringtone directly from the iTunes Music Store. In doing so however, you just purchased a 30 second snippet of a song that you already own. Option 3, and frankly the best option in my humble little opinion, is to use that same 99 cents and get the Best Ringtone Maker app for your iPhone. Uhhh… Lets see, 99 cents for a 30 second snippet of a song that I already own? or 99 cents for an application that I can use to turn any song (as long as its DRM free) in my iPhone into a ringtone… yeah tough choice I know… go with the Best Ringtone Maker.

It is one of the most simplistic and intuitive applications you will use to create a ringtone.

Open the app.


Select a song.


Select the desired 30 consecutive seconds of the song.


Email your ringtone to yourself, download the song to your iTunes on your computer and sync your iPhone.


Wait…what? I thought you said this is easy. It is. Fault lies with the imperial one, Mr. Jobs, not the developer that you must sync to your computer. To be honest, syncing the phone with your computer is easy, just aggravating. That, however, is an issue with iPhone not the application and an argument for another day.

There is one minor gripe that I have with the application. Applications fall into two categories. One is free and potentially riddled with ads. The other category is to pay more to skip all the advertisements. Even though you pay 99 cents for the application, you get advertisements. I, as a consumer, prefer the latter category. I would rather pay a dollar or two more and not deal with ads. Is it a deal breaker? No, as some people prefer free and deal with the ads. I find this new category a dangerous precedence as it could set up for more advertisements with future releases. And I, as the consumer, have no recourse. It should also be noted that the application is only compatible with iPhone 3GS or higher. If you are still stuck in the last decade and rocking it old school with the original or 3g iPhone, don’t fret, they also have a desktop client.

When I can load an application on my wife’s phone, and she can download and sync her spiffy new ringtone without explanation from me, I cannot recommend the application highly enough. Although, I will have a quick trigger on the delete button if the advertisements get unwieldy. Is it the “Best Ringtone Maker”? To be fair, it’s the only one I have tried. But, anytime it takes less steps to complete a task on my phone than it does on my computer, I can’t disagree.

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