Oct 02

New day new app in the Cydia Store, this time we can enjoy FolderEnhancer thanks to the developer Lance Fetters “@Ashikase”. FolderEnhancer brings the functionality of multiple Cydia apps “and more” in one. It include features that you may know from FoldersinFolders and Infinifolders. You can get FolderEnhancer for $1,99 in the Cydia Store and previous CategoriesSB customers can grab the upgrade for $0.99. Get it before November, because will higher the price in November.

Some features included in FolderEnhancer:

  • Open folders faster.
  • Add up to 320 icons to a folder (20 pages, 16 per page).
  • Create folders inside of folders.
  • Create folders on the dock.
  • Supports Iconoclasm for custom layouts inside of folders.
  • Extends MultiIconMover to allow moving multiple icons into/out of folders.
  • Options include hiding the folder name and wallpaper, as well as disabling animations.

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