Sep 23

Samsung just released a 9 minutes hands-on demo of their upcoming iPad rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The demo shows all the key feature and benefit of the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, such as Advanced Media, Productivity and Communication, and On the Go.

The iPad users will be very familiar with some of the features they show in this demo. It runs on Android OS and supports flash 10.1. The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be released later this year. It looks pretty cool, but maybe they should release a 10 inch version as well.

Source [via loopinsight and tmonews]

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2 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab Demo [video]”

  1. Dantv Says:

    “It looks pretty cool” because it is a blatant COPYCAT of the iPad. Not one original concept on the video that wasn’t lifted from the iPad. Shame on Samsung. I’m sticking with Apple!!!

  2. Bertoni Says:

    I dont know about you but for me it’s just another fake korean ripoff…. Why buy crap, when theres Apple?

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