Sep 21

On deviantART someone uploaded a picture of a lockscreen that can be found in Cydia, which looks pretty smooth. Its called Typophone 4 and can be used on the iPod Touch and the iPhone. To use the Typophone 4 theme, you need a jailbroken iDevice, Lockscreen Clock Hide and you need to install Winterboard to activate it.

This theme IS on Cydia, people! Just search “Typophone 4″ and install, it should work for all devices (excluding iPad).

Source [iPhoneclub]

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6 Responses to “TypoPhone: Beautiful Lockscreen For Your iPhone [jailbreak]”

  1. pitt bunker Says:

    Oversized, first and last digits of the clock are partially covered, month is also covered on sides so you can’t see the whole word, unlock slider is way too close to the center, “unlock” word is shifted to the right side, this theme is a piece of crap, unless format will be fixed with right proportions and “a must” have built in clock hide tweak, IMHO. But the idea is pretty good, so will wait for an update! Thanks.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Not sure how to upload onto here but i have a version of this i have went thru and tried to fix as i have found the errors in it. background file is just black. Just replace background file to change. Also psd files are in there.

  3. tobiCOM Says:

    i made a iPhone 3G/S optmated Version – also with german Date – take a look

  4. iuser Says:

    um.. its supose to be like that….

  5. Cris Says:

    How can I get rid of the clock blinking? It seems to place another click over it every second?

    Anyone have this issue?

  6. Sam Says:

    same issue, love the screen but blinking look ugly

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