Sep 18

We told you about the ninja incident Steve had back on the airport in Japan. But it turns out that Steve Jobs isn’t a secret ninja after all. The ninja stars found in Steve Jobs bag turned out to be top-secret Apple prototypes of the iPod Ninja. Apple just announced their latest creation for their new 2010 iPod family, its called the “dangerously cool” iPod ninja.

iPod ninja fits into that sweet spot between the iPod touch and a small handgun,” says Apple spokesperson Ted Wetmore. “It gives you peace of mind. You can either enjoy your music on the device — or you can fling it at anyone who looks at you funny. With a little practice, you can take down a foe at 50 feet.

However, there is a dark side to the new iPod. As iPod ninja sales boom, some blogs are already reporting a “death grip” problem even worse than the one that plagued iPhone 4. If you hold iPod ninja in a certain way, you may require immediate medical care.

shuriken_hand-ipod ninja

Source [scoopertino]

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