Sep 17

Much speculation has surrounded this idea that the iphone will be landing on Verizon in January of 2011. I keep hearing this and to clear it up i think it’s nothing more than a rumor. Doesn’t anyone know that AT&T and Apple have an agreement that AT&T will be the single carrier of the iPhone till 2012?

A report fromĀ Bloomberg suggests: The device will be available to customers in January, according to the people, who declined to be named because the information isn’t public. Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman, and Peter Thonis, a Verizon Communications Inc. spokesman, declined to comment. Not only did no one comment or confirm this rumor Business Insider thinks that Verizon could be behind this in an attempt to keep customers from upgrading to iphone 4 and waiting for “Big Red” to get it. So now that we have gotten through that, will or are you waiting for iPhone 4 to come to Verizon? As far as i’m concerned regardless of the fact that Verizon is or will be getting the iPhone, as long as AT&T still sells them in the future ill be happy with that.

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4 Responses to “Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon?”

  1. andy Says:

    You speak as if it’s common knowledge that AT&T’s exclusivity contract goes to 2012… Is this backed up in the public record anywhere? I have never heard, definitively, how long their agreement is good for.

  2. Qasim Says:

    Go to the hyperlink, it’s in the article: The report does not address Apple’s confirmation that it has a five-year iPhone-exclusivity deal with AT&T, which is not set to expire until 2012.

  3. andy Says:

    That’s not what I’m asking. Where has it been reported that Apple and AT&T has an exclusivity agreement through 2012? I don’t believe the details of their exclusivity have been made public knowledge.

  4. Qasim Says:

    Apple has confirmed it, thats why in the article it says that the report does not address “apples confirmation that it has a five year exclusivity deal”

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