Sep 11

had a interview with Terry Gou, the man who started Foxconn and “the man of the iPhone”. He said they are creating 137.000 iPhone 4s a day, which is 90 iPhones a minute. Foxconn is not only knows as the creator of the iPhone but also the creator if Sony PlayStations and Dell-computers. In the interview they are talking about the suicides and how the 59 years-old Gou started the Foxconn which has almost 1 million employees “920.000”.

He started Foxconn with money he borrowed from his mother. In the beginning the relation between Apple and Foxconn was not as good as it is now. Gou said “I forced him (Steve Jobs) to give me his business card.” Tim Cook, a COO of Apple said “Terry is a strong leader with a passion for excellence. He’s a trusted partner and we are fortunate to work with him.”.

The full interview of 8 pages can be found on BusinessWeek.

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