Sep 02

Tonight iTunes 10 has been released by Apple and it has a lot of new features and changes. First of all they removed the CD from the iTunes logo and created a new logo for iTunes which you can see above. They made the layout and look of iTunes 10 more elegant and simple. But the biggest “new thing” in iTunes 10 is called Ping. Ping is like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It’s a social network all about music. So what can we do with Ping?

The build in Ping feature enables you to see all your and your friends recent activities, find artists or friends, check what kind of music they are playing, what kind of music they like, share your opinion about the music and check if your favourite band is playing in your neighbourhood soon. Its all about the music.


Before you can use Ping you need to activate it. To start simple click “Ping” which can be found below the tab “Store” in iTunes 10. After that you need to fill in your profile information and three favourite music genres. When done you can edit your privacy settings to make sure you only share the information you want, to the people you want.

If you are a jailbreaker or unlocker you can upgrade to iTunes 10, the iPhone Dev Team checked and told us its save to use iTunes 10 with a iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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