Aug 19

south korea iPhone 4 pre-order
The iPhone 4 pre-orders has started in South Korea and it is a big success, its even bigger than expected because the website of KT Corp “which is the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Korea” crashed after the first 130.000 pre-orders where made within 13 hours. That’s way better than the iPhone 3GS did, which only received 14.500 pre-orders on its first day and 65,000 in the first five days.

KT had to expand its server as the company’s pre-ordering website crashed due to the number of people wishing to pre-order. Some people made multiple attempts from different locations such as home and as soon as they arrived at work. Another success-story for Apple, it looks like nobody cares about the issues of the iPhone 4.

Source [koreaherald]

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