Aug 17

iphone-crashLately there are a lot of problems in the iDevice world, take the iPhone 3GS for example. If you have iOS 4 installed, you maybe already noticed that it isn’t working as it supposed to be. A lot of iPhone 3GS devices with firmware iOS 4, will execute a reset while making phone calls “mostly when the phone call is longer than 5 minutes”. It looks like the issue is caused by multitasking. To prevent you iDevice from rebooting automatically, you can try to turn of all the applications that have multitasking enabled. You can read about it on the Apple Discussion Forum.

So do you have the same issue? Is your iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 rebooting automatically? And does it happen when you make phone calls longer than a view minutes? Let us know.

Source [iPhoneclub]

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