Aug 11
iVogue iPhone 4 Case
iVogue, the Fashion iPhone Case Store, has announced three new iPhone 4 cases today. The new designs compliment an already well-stocked store of iPhone 4 and 3G/3GS iPhone cases.

Their first addition is a vibrant Duo iPhone 4 case in a number of exciting combinations.  A unique snap-close system protects the iPhone 4 at the front, back and sides.  The designs include green, black, magenta, pink and purple in two-tone combinations.  It is even possible to mix and match if you buy two or more cases.

The second newcomer to the iVogue store is the Crystal iPhone 4 Case in over nine colours.  These lightweight cases are translucent adding a dazzlingly rich colour to your sleek iPhone 4.  These cases cleverly eliminate the ‘deathgrip’ problem but with added style and panache.

Their final iPhone 4 case is the all encompassing iPhone 4 Hardcase.  A dual-colour case that comes in some strong colours and provides some equally strong protection.  A great range of colours catering for every taste.

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