Aug 03

We told you about two days ago, which is a website that can jailbreak any iDevice remotely, simple by sliding the “slide to jailbreak” button. So why not use it to have a little bit of fun in the Apple Store, well Mk321024 was thinking the same and decided to go to the Apple Store and jailbreak the Apple Store display iPhone. Take a look at the video above.

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2 Responses to “Jailbreaking A Display iPhone In The Apple Store Using”

  1. Huyen Says:

    Haha great!

  2. Danny XBOX Says:

    He should hve installed five icon dock and put five icons in the bottom. That way the next person to use it could ask how the apple store employees got five icons in the bottom. And then the employees could say WTF?! and then everybody would go have cake and ice cream at a communist party.

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