Jul 29

The iPod Touch is like a iPhone with a handicap. Its pretty much the same, the iPod just misses some important features, like calling for instants. Well Yosion showed a solution for that, the Apple Peel 520. It’s a case with a build in Infineon baseband chip for your iPod that makes it possible to not only make calls but also send text messages, without the need of WiFi or VoIP. It also includes a 800 mAh battery for an additional 4,5 hours call time or 120 hours standby time. More info and a movie after the break.

The Apple Peel 520 will be available in China later this week and will cost somewhere between $44 and $74. It looks like you need a jailbroken iPod because you don’t need any App from the App Store to make the case work with your iPod. We are still a little sceptical about the case because all the information we found came from a forum, but if we got more solid proof we will let you know.

Source [iphoneclub]

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