Jul 15

We just told you that PlanetBeing successfully unlocked the iPhone 4. Today he uploaded a movie to YouTube where he is showing the unlocked device and explains how they managed to unlock it. They are still working on improving the unlock because now it still takes 5 minutes to unlock a device. You also need a jailbroken iDevice before you can unlock, so we also need to wait for iOS 4 jailbreak but at this point Comex is working on a jailbreak for iOS4. At least we now know it is possible to jailbreak and unlock iOS4 and the iPhone 4, we just have to wait for the public release.

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One Response to “PlanetBeing Shows Unlocked iPhone 4”

  1. Qasim Says:

    Sweeet!!! I just care for jailbreak dont need the unlock but nice to see all the hard work being put forth

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