Jul 10

is a new application for the iPhone 4, its just like chat-roulette on the pc. It uses the front facing camera of the iPhone 4 to video-chat with random people all over the web. It’s the same as FaceTime and works over Wi-Fi, if you would like to chat with an other person simple swipe your finger across the screen and you will be connected to the next iChatr user. Do you think iChatr will be a hit or one big flop? One thing is for sure, you will probably see some weird people on iChatr just like you see on chat-roulette on the pc. iChatr can be downloaded for free here.

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One Response to “iChatr: Chat-Roulette For iPhone 4”

  1. Feega Says:

    Ewwwwwww. I hate this app. People show their bing bongs!!!

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