Jul 05

The iPhone 4 isn’t as perfect as everybody thought it would be. We have the most discussed problem “the antenna issue”, we have the yellow spot problem “which has been solved”, the crashing camera app and poor white balance shots. Ow… I almost forgot the reversed volume buttons. Now a new iPhone 4 problem has been reported, this time its about the proximity sensor which is not working correctly. Proximity sensor is a sensor that detects if you hold your iPhone next to a close object, if it detects a close object “in this case your ear” it will turn of the touch screen of your iPhone. This sensor is needed so you cant accidently hit some buttons on the screen while you are making a call.

Unfortunately the Proximity sensor in the new iPhone isn’t working as it supposed to. It does work but it looks like the sensor is not sensitive enough. Users are reporting that the screen of the iPhone is turning on and off while taking a phone call, also while calling the mute and speaker function are turning on and off simple because they hit the touch screen accidently.

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4 Responses to “iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Not Working Correctly!”

  1. michael Says:

    I have been dealing with this on a regular basis… I still like the iPhone 4 but this is getting ridiculous… the camera has been freezing and when I try to answer a call it takes a few tries to even register me pressing Answer….

  2. Patrick Conner Says:

    Also there is another bug with pictures being black in the Gallery sometimes and having to exit out all the way and come back in before they show up….

  3. Wolfmore Says:

    Yes I have it. I will be calling apple today in order to be on file in case it’s a hardware issue.

  4. Justin Cooper Says:

    This is so truth cause minds do it all the time..

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