Jun 28

We just showed you what a blender can do with your iPhone 4, but trust me there are countless ways to destroy your iPhone 4. You can put your iPhone 4 in your microwave for example, or if you think that’s to simple why not shoot on it with a .50 Cal Sniper. Well some guys already did and the result can be seen in the movie above or after the break.

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One Response to “More Ways To Destroy Your iPhone 4!”

  1. BoogieMAN2K Says:

    I really don’t get it. While there are a lot of people that would like to have one of this on thier hands, others choose to destroy it in some stupid ways. That’s why I never see any of this videos, for my is the only way to not supported them. If you don’t want it just don’t buy it. Don’t be an a**hole and destroy it just in the name of your own stupidity.

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