Jun 25

More and more problems are being reported by iPhone 4 owners while playing with their device. First the yellow spots on the Retina Display and now people are experiencing signal drop when holding the stainless steel antenna band. It looks like a shorting issue because engadget says that when skin touches the area where the BT/Wi-Fi/GPS antenna and the GSM/UMTS antenna meet each other the signal drop happens most frequently.

Source [Engadget and tipb]

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2 Responses to “iPhone 4 Problem: When Antenna Band Is Held Signal Will Drop”

  1. emiz Says:

    that sux , man

    that crap…. if u could not talk, what u want it for? play? or the 5mpx cam?
    there are phones that work with 12mpx or 8mpx that rox pffff

  2. Darookan Says:

    I assume next answer from Apple will be to buy those $30 “bumpers” from their store…

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