Jun 01

This week we can give away 20 10 promo codes for the iPhone application BatteryFull. This is because they are celebrating 1 year in the Appstore. BatteryFull is a application by the same creators as MustApps In Box and can help you save energy. When you start BatteryFull while you are charging the iPhone, you’ll here an alarm when the battery is full. That way, you’ll know when the battery is done charging, so you can pull your iPhone from the charger and save energy. BatteryFull only costs $0,99, but for 20 10 lucky iPhoneFreakz readers it will be free. All you have to do is come up with a slogan for BatteryFull and tell us via a comment. The 20 10 most original/creative/funniest or catchy slogans will receive a BatteryFull promo code via the mail. Because of the little amount of comments we will give away 10 instead of 20 Promo Codes, the winners will be announced tomorrow.

So make sure you leave your name and email in the comment. And most important of all don’t forget your Slogan.

ATTENTION: promo codes can only be used with US accounts!! To see how to use the promo codes click here. To read how to create a U.S. account click here.

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15 Responses to “[UPDATE] GIVEAWAY: 10 Promo Codes For Batteryfull + (Alarm)”

  1. WYSE Says:

    Billy Mays here! Are you tired of seeing that dreaded iPhone message saying you have 10% battery remaining and you still have to work for 4 more hours! Well we did and we have created a revolutionary tool to help conserve battery life! Order now and we will throw in a FREE alarm app, with a value of $10, we can’t do this the whole day, so the next 20 buyers will get this exclusive alarm app!

    Buy it today!

  2. Marc Says:

    Set it and forget it!

  3. DarkEvil Says:

    “Imma let you check your battery status!”
    “Teokoul has one of the best apps of all time!”

  4. Maulik Morzaria Says:

    save electricity

  5. Kelly Gardner Says:

    Battery Full: When “battery empty” just won’t cut it anymore…

  6. Kelly Gardner Says:

    Oh yeah, and I am NOT leaving my email in the comment… sorry. I get enough spam without encouraging more.

  7. David Says:

    Battery full, alerts you when the battery is full, so you can get on with your life! Go on, scram!

  8. Andrew Masterson Says:

    Dont be a fool…buy batteryfull!!!!!!!

  9. Steven Mangroo Says:

    “You wouldn’t want to be overcharged, neither would your battery. Get BatteryFull and save money and energy.”

  10. Rodger Berlanga Says:

    From the makers of… iPhoneOn…

  11. Devon Says:

    Sweet App!! I wanna get one.

  12. Edgaras Says:

    When i forget my iPhone it become very warm and i can’t hold it :D

  13. Kevin Says:

    Dont be a full…buy batteryfool!!!!!!!!

  14. Kevin Says:

    Know when you need it before you overheat it.

  15. Chris Wade Says:

    Longer Battery Life….Oh My!

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