May 29

China the iPed
China did it again, they created a knockoff of a Apple product. The iPad finally goes on sale in Japan, but the iPad is not the only gadget they showed on the news. They also the iPed! The iPed is a cheap Apple iPad lookalike, its only a little heavier than the Apple iPad and runs on Android. But the best thing of all is the price, it only costs ¥9,600 (US$105 or €85), that 5 times cheaper than the iPad. Video and Pictures after the break.

iPed closeup

iPed android

iPed aPad instructionmanual

Source [kotaku]

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2 Responses to “Cant Afford A iPad? Buy A iPed!”

  1. Jonathan V Says:

    This looks cool lol , i might look for one on ebay.

  2. Darookan Says:

    The most interesting about this is that it runs android. If it can be upgraded/modded, I will buy one ;)

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