May 22

One week ago we started the CopyTrans Photo giveaway. We promised to give away 5 licenses for CopyTrans Photo, worth $29,99 each. Today is the day we announce the 5 lucky winners. All winners are randomly chosen. Take a quick look and see if you are the winner. Congratulations to all the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Steven Mangroo (UPDATE: We got a email from Steven Mangroo saying he actually doesn’t need the license, so because of that we randomly picked a other lucky winner)
  2. Kalic Peter
  3. Edgaras Gubskis
  4. Kevin Rowlands
  5. Nagwaki Zukishiua
  6. Philipp Hölzl

We will notify you with further information in the next few days, because we have to notify CopyTrans first. Again, congrats to you all and thank you all for the congrats.

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5 Responses to “WINNERS: Giveaway CopyTrans Photo Licenses! [UPDATED]”

  1. Nagwaki Says:

    Yessssss =))
    i win .. Thanks thanks alot ..

  2. Edgaras Says:

    Wow! First time in my life i something win, thanks!! :))))

  3. Philipp Hölzl Says:

    backup winner

  4. Moon Says:

    Any one of you guys receives the App !!
    or its just a show ???

  5. chris Says:

    All Winners received the license via email.

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