May 18

open opera
We all know Opera Mini by now, some people like it and some dont. But for the people that do like it OpenOpera is a nice tweak. Its a SBSettings toggle that will let you set Opera Mini as the default iDevice browser. So if you would like to use Opera Mini instead of MobileSafari make sure your iDevice is jailbroken and download the OpenOpera tweak now for free via the BigBoss repo.

Source [FSM]

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2 Responses to “OpenOpera: Set Opera Mini As The Default iDevice Browser [jailbroken]”

  1. hansatan Says:

    Guys, I can’t find OpenOpera in Cydia either manually or via search… any ideas? I got BigBoss’ repo in sources…

  2. hansatan Says:

    It’s called OpenBrowser now

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