May 14

copytrans photo

Its my birthday today and to celebrate that we will do a Giveaway in collaboration with CopyTrans. There will be 5 lucky winners that will get a license for CopyTransPhoto. CopyTransPhoto makes it possible to transfer and share iPod photos as easy as taking them, you can move pictures to and from your iDevice easy and quickly. You can also add photo albums, Organize your photos and rotate or backup your iPhone pictures. Giveaway Is Over!

You can try CopyTransPhoto for free but it will add a watermark on every picture you transfer to you iDevice. The license will remove that.

So what can CopyTransPhoto do for you?:

  • Recover iPod photos to PC in full resolution
  • Organize iPhone pictures & manage iPod photo albums
  • Browse iPhone pictures, enjoy them in a slideshow
  • Transfer photos from PC to iPhone in full resolution
  • Take full control of iPhone 3GS photos without iTunes!
  • And best of all, its just as easy as counting to 3.

The program is well received. Below are two comments from people who bought CopyTrans:

This is the best program ever!
You have made it so easy to transfer photos. This was so well worth the money.
Thank you!

Nancy Palmer – Columbus, OH

CopyTrans Photo is a major improvement on iTunes for managing the transfer of photos to a Nano.

Bryan T. – Victoria, Canada

Its compatible with: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS up to firmware 3.1, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G & 3G up to firmware 3.1, iPod Nano up to iPod Nano 5G, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Photo.

And now for the Giveaway:

We are giving away 5 Licenses for CopyTrans PHOTO worth $29,99 each. What do you need to do in order to get a free license? It’s simple, leave a comment with the following information: your first name, last name and e-mail address. This information is needed in order to create a license specially for you. After 7 days “21 May” we will randomly pick the 5 lucky winners.

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32 Responses to “UPDATE: GIVEAWAY: 5 CopyTrans Photo Licenses!”

  1. john artaga Says:

    i want to win…

  2. Steven Mangroo Says:

    Steven Mangroo

  3. Tomas Says:

    I love CopyTrans PHOTO. It makes everything easier.

  4. Lars Wijkmark Says:

    hey :) ! Happy Birthday! I’am really into winning a license for CopyTrans PHOTO!

  5. Jason Manley Says:

    Would love free copy of Copy Trans

  6. Ramrod Says:

    Already have a license for this…just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.

  7. Maulik Morzaria Says:

    Maulik Morzaria

  8. Paulius Val Says:

    Paulius Val

  9. Joshua Ray Says:

    joshua ray … many thanks!

  10. DarkEvil Says:

    Really like to win it :)

  11. Mohammed A-Haddad Says:

    I hope to be one of the 5 lucky winners


  12. petiii Says:

    first name: Kalic
    last name: Peter
    e-mail address:

  13. Philipp Hölzl Says:

    Philipp Hölzl

  14. Eddy Says:

    First Name: Eddy
    Last Name: Pinto

  15. Franco Collino Says:

    Happy Birthday! This sounds like a pretty cool app! I hope I win!


  16. ZidaneLiew Says:

    First Name: Zidane
    Last Name: Liew

  17. duantang Says:

    First Name: Kevin
    Last Name: Schwarz

  18. MAR Says:

    Name: Marwan
    Last Name: Ahmed
    Email :

    Happy Birthday !

  19. Devon Says:

    Congrats on ur birthday!!! Iphonefreakz 4 everyday :D

  20. afreeta Says:

    afreeta baladora

  21. nagwaki Says:

    Nagwaki Zukishiua

  22. Trimi Says:

    Happy birthday and don’t ferget to choose me:)

  23. Kevin Rowlands Says:

    Name: Kevin
    Last Name: Rowlands
    Email :

    Hi Guys , This is my first poty but been reading your website since having the iphone 3g ,Two years almost now. It Rocks lets hope i can win .. Cheers

  24. Zulfi Saljihi Says:

    Nice program… I am using copy trans manager every Day… Hope to win…

  25. Edgaras Says:

    Hi, my name Edgaras, i’m from Lithuania. I hope I will win :) btw. happy birthday!

  26. Brad carithers Says:

    First: Brad
    Last: Carithers

  27. Edgaras Says:

    First Name: Edgaras
    Last Name: Gubskis
    Email: cigaras0Č

  28. Leonora Arifi Says:

    Happy birthday to you!
    I wanna win!

    Leonora Arifi

  29. Konrad Says:


    I’d really like to win :D

    Because, I’am a huge fan of this website and the first thing I do when I wake up is to check out iphonefreakz and theres always something new :D

  30. Steven Tse Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  31. Justin Cooper Says:


  32. Edgaras Says:

    Happy Birthday, iPhonefreakz teached me a lot about iPhone,thank you. :)

    First Name: Edgaras
    Last Name: Gubskis

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