May 12

Blackra1n and Spirit are 2 of the most popular jailbreak tools out there, but there are still people that encounter some problems. iFixer can be the solution for you, it will fix the problems that are caused by iTunes 9.1.1. All you have to do is put iFixer in the same folder as Spirit or Blackra1n, start iFixer and click “Make It Spirit!” or “Make It Ra1n!” to fix Spirit or Blackra1n.

Source [FSM]

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One Response to “iFixer, Solve Blackra1n/Spirit Problems On Windows”

  1. kason Says:

    I used Spirit on my 3gs 16g. It has 3.1.3 and my iTunes is 9.0.3 and when it started to break the phone the cloud color purple came up on the iphone but it didn’t show the progress bar. Just the circle on the screen as if it was still working. I didn’t want to interrupt the process but after an hour I figured something was wrong and tried to eject it the restart. The phone now only shows the apple or battery charging and will not be recognized by either my mac or windows computer. Is this phone broken for good or is there a way to recover it? I have tried the double button reset too. Any ideas?

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