Apr 26

There are some players who can sync wireless with your computer like “Zune”, but Apple probably thought this wasn’t necessary for the iDevice users. Because of that Greg Hughes has developed and submitted a App to the App Store that makes it possible to sync your iDevice with iTunes via Wi-Fi. In the video above you can see that its very easy to use and once you are connected you are good to go. My only worry is that it will not be approved to the App Store, but lets hope it does so we will soon be able to sync without the need of a cable.

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3 Responses to “Wi-Fi Sync Submitted To The App Store.”

  1. Bobby Says:

    If its not approved put it on Cydia!

  2. Lance Says:

    second that…

  3. Snoop Says:

    It is going to kill your battery. Wold be A perfect app if wifi charged you battery.

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